Sonic Code® is a proximity wireless communication technology using inaudible sound. It is developed to transmit data quickly and accurately between devices with a speaker and a microphone only.
Sonic Shop is a live demo website for Sonic Wallet application made by Infosonic. While this is not an actual shop to place order and purchase, but you can still add items to your shopping cart and make the payment at checkout as if it were the real online shopping mall. But don't worry. You won't actually be charged. This live demo of Sonic Wallet will allow you to have the real feel of how it would be like to use audio data transmission technology as a method for the mobile payment.
Download our demo application 'Sonic Code' from Google Play or App Store. Add items to your cart and try the Sonic Checkout. Detailed instructions are given at the time of checkout.
In general, humans can hear between 20Hz and 20,000Hz, and dogs are known to be able to hear up to 21KHz. While most adults cannot hear sound within the Sonic Code® frequency range; however, children, animals or those with sensitive hearing acuity may be able to hear. According to a study conducted by Yamaha and Showa University School of Medicine in Japan, sound below 20KHz are considered as harmless to humans and animals.

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